Social Segregation between the young & elderly a recurring problem

Report suggests measures such as care home sharing schemes to correct the issue A research in the UK has called for care homes to open its doors to the student population looking for accommodation. The suggestion comes after it was discovered that older individuals living in care homes are becoming increasingly distant from the younger […]

Enhanced Care package for Care home residents results in decreased A & E visits

  In what seems to be great news, coming from the care home sector, a project involving an enhanced service package aimed at improving quality of life for care home residents has yielded positive results. The project has been linked to significantly reduced accident and emergency visits. The care home tenants who reside in Rushcliffe […]


Contaminated Laundry a Huge Infection Risk for Care Home Residents

 One of the greatest threats to care home residents, usually comprising of elderly patients with weakened immune systems, is the risk of infections especially those that are known to spread rather easily. Cleanliness is also vital for residents’ wellbeing, as bad smells and feeling unclean impacts on mental health as well as physical health. A survey […]

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Dr. Raja shares his passion and knowledge with CHJ

What do you enjoy the most about working in care home industry? For me, working in the care industry is a passion and a vocation giving me an opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable people every day whilst affording me a tremendous amount of satisfaction and achievement. Of course, it […]

care home Spinach and Guinness could reduce the risk of dementia

Spinach and Guinness could reduce the risk of dementia

Academics at the University of California San Francisco conducted a study on dementia, and  has found that people with anaemia which is a condition caused by a deficiency of iron in the blood, may be at an increased risk of developing the condition. The research revealed a link between the two conditions. In the research, […]

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3 Reasons to Consider a Care Home

We all sometimes reach a certain age when it becomes difficult to take care of ourselves. You don’t want your children to dedicate all their free time on taking care of you; however, you cannot do it on your … Read more

Senior couple at home with many bills

Cost of care home room on the rise

The cost of a room in care homes has gone up by 9.3 per cent  since two years ago. In the last year alone the cost pensioners fork out for care rose by 3.5%, said Prestige Nursing+Care. The organisation, … Read more


Half a billion pounds to save A&E as NHS in meltdown

The NHS is to be given a £500m bailout to Accident & Emergency departments across England after warnings that the system is on the brink of collapse. After chaos in hospitals across the country in spring, … Read more


Copper could lead to Alzheimer’s disease

Traces of copper found in tap water and everyday foods could weaken the brain's defences against Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests. Researchers claim that the mineral could trigger the onset … Read more


Thousands of care homes face huge debt

One in three care home businesses is at risk of going bust due to ‘off-the-scale’ levels of borrowing, according to research published today. An examination of the accounts of nearly 5,000 companies, … Read more

Lack of manpower in the care home sector, opens the door for expats looking to make a buck on the side.

The care home crisis in the UK is now manifesting itself as a severe lack of qualified manpower for the job. Due to the extremely high turnover in the sector several barmaids, builders and even bankrupt … Read more

open day

Open day initiated by care homes!

Care homes in Peterborough will open their doors to mark the inaugural National Care Home Open Day in June. The day, a joint initiative by all of the UK’s leading care providers, aims to showcase everything … Read more

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