By 2025, one million more care workers needed

With the proliferation of old people in our population, aging society is becoming a hot word. A recent research comes up with a projected figure suggesting that the number of UK adults aged over 65 is set to double to 20m by 2050. Hence an understanding of the care workforce is crucial if the sector is to successfully reform and expand to answer the challenges of an ageing population.


Research from workforce development experts Skills for Care further highlights the pressing need to support policies that allow for the care industry to draw from an effective skills-base, estimating that England’s care workforce alone needs to grow by anywhere up to 82 per cent by 2025.

UK is NOT prepared for ageing at all, House of Lords warns

With the rapid increase in ageing population, the elderly is bound to have a major impact on the structure of society and public services. The Government is “woefully unprepared”, warns a report by the House of Lords.


The House of Lords Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change concludes the importance of the establishment of two cross-party commission to respond to the aging society, also urged such actions should be carried out by whichever party wins the election to government.

One would work with employers and financial services providers to improve pensions, savings and equity release; the other would analyse how the health and social care system and its funding should change to serve the needs of our ageing population. Both should report in 12 months.

The Queen cares about care homes


In the Queen’s Speech, two major announcements about social care were emphasized.

Firstly, her speech reconfirmed the Government’s commitment to a cap on individual care costs. The second is about establishing the right of members of the public to receive help for care needs for themselves and their loved ones from their local council.

The Queen’s Speech also saw the announcement of a new pension’s bill, with a single-tier pension planned for 2026 when the UK retirement age rises to 67. While care employers will also be keen to assess whether new plans to curb immigration will impact upon a sector that employs a high percentage of foreign workers.

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