Care home constructs 1930s-style theatre to entertain residents


One of the major complaints often received from elderly care home residents suggest that there aren’t enough activities to keep them occupied or indulge in some fun. A care home in Dorset is all set to counter that grievance by building 1930s-style theatre in its basement to allow residents to “enjoy the things they used to”.

The care home Burwood Nursing Home in Broadstone, is a family owned business operated by Paul Jessup and his wife Sarah. Paul claims he designed and built most of the theatre himself. The 40 seat theatre reportedly cost £30,000 and took nine months to construct.

The theatre is in addition to an onsite pub that the couple has included in their care home. Jessup said: “It is not easy for older people to get out to do things they used to do. “I think music and song really inspires and stimulates people. People can sing along to a song they know from years ago, but not know much about what is happening today, especially if they have dementia.”

He added: “We do take our residents to the theatre, and they love it, but not everyone is able to go. “Now they can go for a drink in our pub before going to the fully wheelchair-accessible theatre in our home.”

Jessup said that a lot of care homes either could not afford to build such a facility, or would “not want to afford it”.

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