Care Homes serve better food than NHS Hospitals finds survey


According to a recent survey carried out by YouGov on ‘Care Home Catering’, over half of people with friends and relatives in care homes say food standards are better than in NHS in care homes are better than in NHS hospitals

Fifteen per cent of care home residents didn’t think their friend or relative was given enough support when eating and sixteen per cent argued the care home’s lack of emphasize on keeping them hydrated. Research director at YouGov believes that food and care go hand in hand in NHS, whereas it is a mixed picture in the care home sector. It is acknowledged by many that the standard of food their loved ones receive in care homes is higher than those of hospitals. The quality of the meals is generally thought to be high but the area where he sector needs to improve is how the food is consumed.

Another expert asserted that ensuring care home residents are helped to eat and drink is vial and it is important to maintain a balance between helping residents to eat and keep their independence. This argument was backed by another YouGov survey where 56 per cent of those asked consider nutritious and high-quality food to be very important.

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