Contaminated Laundry a Huge Infection Risk for Care Home Residents

88607__Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-Laundry-Room-Laundry-Room-Ideas-15-640x635 One of the greatest threats to care home residents, usually comprising of elderly patients with weakened immune systems, is the risk of infections especially those that are known to spread rather easily. Cleanliness is also vital for residents’ wellbeing, as bad smells and feeling unclean impacts on mental health as well as physical health.

A survey carried out by Electrolux Professional, shockingly found that five per cent of care workers knowingly experienced an instance where an infection outbreak could be traceable to laundry procedures. Add to that, a whopping 26% did not feel that their laundry was adequately managed in order to avoid infections.

Amanda Dufrane, care segment manager of Electrolux Professional UK and Ireland, said: “As laundry is a potential carrier of healthcare acquired infections, it is vital that care home staff are able to control its flow, which often means special measures must be taken to ensure hygiene levels are maintained.

“The ultimate aim is to make sure laundry items themselves do not pose a threat to health and remain harmless at every stage of their storage, usage, and handling.

“This means that clean linen needs to be handled just as carefully as the dirty, which in turn gives rise to a multi-staged management of the laundry cycle.”

Britain’s largest Care provider Four Seasons makes survival appeal as interest deadline looms

elderly senior being brought meal by carer or nurseFour Seasons Health Care, the largest care service provider in Britain which is owned by Terra Firma, the private equity firm controlled by the controversial financier Guy Hands has made a desparate appeal to its lenders to agree to radical restructuring of its heavy debts to avert a cash crisis that would cast uncertainty over the future of hundreds of nursing homes nationwide.

The company which is scheduled to make a £26m interest payment in December, warned that it will not be able to make the payment, threatening to breach obligations to bondholders who could then seize control of its estate of 360 nursing homes as they seek to recover £525m loaned to Four Seasons. Such a move would raise questions for Four Seasons’ 17,000 residents and would be likely to trigger intervention by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The regulator said on Tuesday it did not believe services were likely to be disrupted “at this time” and that the restructuring proposal was “an important step in securing the long-term financial future of this company”.

Guy Hands’s Terra Firma bought Four Seasons for £825m in 2012, including £525m of debt.

Nearly half of complaints in Scotland are related to care homes

Scottish care home complaints

Scotland’s independent scrutiny and improvement body for care services, the Care Inspectorate, resolved  884 out of 1815 complaints which are related to care homes accounting for 49.1% of all complaints. Nearly 20% of complaints were about childminders and 15.7% were about support services. More than 1100 complaints were at least partially upheld – including more than two thirds of all complaints about care homes, over issues including poor health care, under staffing, management of medication or poor communications.

One area of future change in the inspectorate’s work will be a greater focus on partnership working, given the Scottish Government’s legislative push towards integration of health and social care.

The Care Inspectorate’s CEO, Annette Bruton, expressed that one area of future change in the inspectorate’s work will be a greater focus on partnership working, given the Scottish Government’s legislative push towards integration of health and social care.

Severe shortage of beds in care homes in the UK could spell disaster

iStock_000016132671XSmallA BBC research has revealed disturbing information regarding the state of care homes in the UK. The research revealed that a significant shortage for bed space in care homes is sweeping the nation with up to 3,000 elderly people predicted to not be able to get beds in UK care homes by the end of next year. The number is said to go up to 70,000 in the next 9 years.

The Department of Health said local authorities in England had been given an extra £2bn to help fund social care. But in the past three years one in 20 UK care home beds has closed, and research suggests not enough are being added to fill the gap.

Lead researcher James Kingdom said: “We’re currently building half the number of care home beds every year that we need.”

“There are more people living longer.

“We know that over the course of the next decade there is going to be 2.5 million more over-65s, and as a result that means there is going to be demand for care home beds.

“To fix that, we need to double the rate of delivery”.

The third largest care provider in the UK, Barchester health care also voiced its concern regarding the gap in capacity which meant extremely vulnerable people are not getting the care they need.

Chief executive Pete Calveley commented: “Increasingly, highly dependent people are left at home.

“We feel that leaves them socially isolated and doesn’t meet their needs.

“So, one of the ways they reduce demand is by raising the criteria, which I don’t think is always appropriate.”

In the past three years, 21,500 care beds have closed in the UK.

A City In Japan is Using A QR Code To Track Dementia Patient

Iruma, a city of Japan, is distributing this 1cm (0.4in) square stickers as a free service, to help elderly dementia sufferers to reunite with their family members when they go missing. According to the Iruma welfare office, this small barcode contains sufficient personal information (e.g. address, telephone number and a unique identity number) to help the police to help the dementia sufferer return home.

The stickers are water-proof and remain attached for two weeks averagely. It also has a great advantage — although there are ID stickers for clothes or shoes, dementia patients are not always wearing those items.

jpn qr code

(Credit: BBC via Getty Images)


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