Contaminated Laundry a Huge Infection Risk for Care Home Residents


88607__Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-Laundry-Room-Laundry-Room-Ideas-15-640x635 One of the greatest threats to care home residents, usually comprising of elderly patients with weakened immune systems, is the risk of infections especially those that are known to spread rather easily. Cleanliness is also vital for residents’ wellbeing, as bad smells and feeling unclean impacts on mental health as well as physical health.

A survey carried out by Electrolux Professional, shockingly found that five per cent of care workers knowingly experienced an instance where an infection outbreak could be traceable to laundry procedures. Add to that, a whopping 26% did not feel that their laundry was adequately managed in order to avoid infections.

Amanda Dufrane, care segment manager of Electrolux Professional UK and Ireland, said: “As laundry is a potential carrier of healthcare acquired infections, it is vital that care home staff are able to control its flow, which often means special measures must be taken to ensure hygiene levels are maintained.

“The ultimate aim is to make sure laundry items themselves do not pose a threat to health and remain harmless at every stage of their storage, usage, and handling.

“This means that clean linen needs to be handled just as carefully as the dirty, which in turn gives rise to a multi-staged management of the laundry cycle.”

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