Enhanced Care package for Care home residents results in decreased A & E visits




In what seems to be great news, coming from the care home sector, a project involving an enhanced service package aimed at improving quality of life for care home residents has yielded positive results. The project has been linked to significantly reduced accident and emergency visits.

The care home tenants who reside in Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group’s area were the subject of the experiment. They were provided with an enhanced care package, introduced in April 2014, which meant residents had regular visits from a named GP and independent support from Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The package was delivered by Principia, an NHS multi-specialty community provider.

Another factor that influenced the positive result of the project was the specialized support provided to care center managers and nurses. The support included training courses and signposting to existing specialist community services through a peer network.

The statistics indicated a substantial decrease of 29% in A&E visits compared to similar care home residents in other parts of the country. Emergency admits also decreased by 23%.

The research was carefully conducted by comparing the data of 588 residents in 23 care homes in and around Rushcliffe from 2014-16 with outcomes experienced by 588 controls living elsewhere in the country.

Special care was taken to judiciously match the participants by age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic deprivation, health conditions and type of care home.

The foundation’s report said that the positive results observed in the enhanced package group were “most likely” to be the result of the higher quality care they received.

Here is hoping this approach can be replicated in other parts of the country moving forward!

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