High-standard care homes should only accept good quality food


What do you enjoy the most about working in care home industry?

It has to be the residents. I love engaging with them and their families, discovering the tiny details about them;  what they have done in their lives, what they like to do now, what makes them happy and most importantly as a Chef, what they like to eat! This is the key to offering truly personalised care – if you don’t know someone how can you care for them? Our food menus are controlled at the home level so I’m always chatting about our recipes with the residents, discussing their favourite bakes and making sure we cater for their tastes.

I also love the fact that our home, Parker Meadows, is at the heart of our local community and we are always welcoming visitors. I never get bored because there’s so much going on – the other week we had a red carpet reception for a premier of the Ping Pong documentary!


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What are the most important qualities a care home professional should have?

I think our company values sum this up really well – kindness, integrity, empathy, trust and respect. Without these qualities you won’t be able to provide the care that all older people deserve. At the heart of care must be the wish to get to know the person that you are caring for, you need to take time with each resident, have patience and make sure that their individual needs are met.

And lastly I think there has to be a genuine desire to make a difference to the lives of the people that you care for and on a larger scale to society in general, changing perceptions about older people and the care industry. This isn’t just a job, it’s a vocation and something that you do because you love it!


To all the people out there looking for a care home for themselves or their loved ones, what is the best advice you would offer?

Pay attention to the atmosphere in the home – does it feel like a home? Are the staff friendly and welcoming? An active home is a happy home so when you visit can you see lots of things going on or posters advertising future events? Check to see evidence of these activities, are there photos or does the home have a Facebook page or Twitter account where you can see what actually happens? Can you stay and participate in an activity so you can have a taste of what life is like at the home?

Try the food -this is a must! Fresh, home cooked food is essential for any home and a key to a happy, healthy life for anyone, whatever age. Walk past the kitchen, can you smell freshly baked bread or what they are cooking for dinner. Have high standards and only accept good quality food.

Kane Bassett


Kane Bassett Biography:

Kane Bassett is the Chef Manager at Parker Meadows Care Home in Fareham. Parker Meadows is a Gracewell Healthcare home. Kane joined Gracewell healthcare in June 2012 and has an NVQ 3 in both Kitchen Larder and Patisserie and a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership Health and Social Care. Kane is now embarking on a Foundation Degree is Hospitality Management.

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