Lack of manpower in the care home sector, opens the door for expats looking to make a buck on the side.


The care home crisis in the UK is now manifesting itself as a severe lack of qualified manpower for the job.

Senior couple at home with many billsDue to the extremely high turnover in the sector several barmaids, builders and even bankrupt business men are flying into Britain to cash in on the lucrative opportunity that has surfaced due to lack of personnel. This has resulted in several elderly individuals in need of care being at the mercy of complete strangers who have only completed days of training.


British agencies are responsible for attracting these individuals with the promise of a substantial earnings and free housing. Some of the expats flying in from Spain are reportedly earning a whopping 1,700 pounds for a fortnights worth of work. To make matters worse, there seems to be an open consensus among these expats that they are purely driven by the financial incentive and are not keen to take care of the helpless patients.

As reported earlier, the care home and social care industry is facing major crisis in the UK at the moment, but these new revelations could well be a tipping point. Several care homes have recently face closure due to the lack of funds and workers, which have resulted in rising cost for families with relatives at the facilities. The British care home industry is heavily reliant on its workers and the recent developments seem to reiterate that fact.

Several of these care workers who perform activities like intimate washing, dressing as well as supervising the taking of medication are listed as self-employed and that means they are not controlled by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The importance of appropriate research into picking the right care home which houses qualified staffis highlighted by recent news making headlines. Websites such as are great tools for families to connect with and compare different accredited care home facilities that provide care services for all kinds of circumstances.


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