New technology promises to put an end to Doctor visits for Care Home residents


In what comes as welcome news, elderly residents of care homes will no longer need to make hospital visits to consult a doctor in the near future. A new technology called Immedicare has been launched in a pilot phase which allows care home tenants to communicate with medics via video screens rather than having to go to hospital. Immedicare has the potential to considerably reduce the number of ambulance call outs and hospital admissions for older people, permitting the elderly to be evaluated and treated where they live.

The technology was created in a partnership between Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and technology company Involve, and is already in use in 500 care homes across the UK. In the Isle of Man, the 12-month pilot project will be preceded by a three-month implementation period, to make sure systems and staff training is completed.

Immedicare also means doctors and consultants can help the care home staff with decision-making and offer medical and other specialist advice directly in the care home. The service promises to be available 24 hour a day, with a maximum response time of 5 minutes.

All of the care homes taking part on the island, both government-run and privately owned, have been provided with either a tablet or laptop device, linking them directly with the Immedicare Digital Care Hub via a secure video conferencing system.

Immedicare’s managing director, Phil Parkinson, said: ’Our experience in telemedicine in a number of UK localities means that I am confident that this pilot scheme will show tangible and lasting benefits.

’And that is good news for all of the health and social care services affected by this change as well as, and most importantly, the residents and carers themselves.’

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