The rising cost of care homes in the UK



Thousands of patients were also hit by sudden care home bills

Recent reports suggest that the cost of care homes soared by 40% in the year gone by. The sharp rise in costs is believed to reflect the increase in minimum wages. While the increasing costs are a cause of concern in itself, to make matters worse the quality at care homes is believed to be heading the other way.

Families of care home residents are said to be faces with a dilemma as they’re paying exorbitantly high rates for quality of service which can be described sub-standard at best. The research shows that the most expensive care homes are in Buckinghamshire and in County Durham, both at £907 a week, followed by Oxfordshire, Surrey and Warwickshire. In Durham, average care home fees doubled in just one year, from £492 last year, the figures show.

Many occupants of the care homes also complained of steep bills which were issues rather suddenly under the guise of management fees or phone bills. The unexpected bills resulted from hidden charges that the families of tenants of the care homes were unaware of prior to admission.

Enlisting the services of a care home is considered to be big financial commitment but despite that, many families failed to shop around before admitting their loved ones. This could be owing to the fact that decisions regarding care homes are often taken in haste after an accident or sudden deterioration in health of the elderly patient.

The importance of appropriate research into picking the right care home which is transparent in financial matters is being reiterated by recent news making headlines. Websites such as are great tools for families to connect with and compare different accredited care home facilities that provide care services for all kinds of circumstances.

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