Care industry entrepreneur Udhi Silva emphasises ‘cost control’


What do you enjoy the most about working in care home industry?

Albeit I support the care industry with cost savings what I love about this industry is the dedication and passion those people that work in care settings have for their clients. I am honestly overwhelmed by some of the nurses, managers and carers I have met and the extent that they treat their clients as though they are their own family. It is very rare to come across people who have such admiration for the work they do and a lot of other industries can benefit from learning about this. One thing that is evident within the corporate side of the industry is that attention to standards is second to none.


What are some of the areas that the care home industry can improve?

Cost control. Over the last couple of years we have seen some fantastic organisations go under due to bad management and a neglect on resources and poor financial management. I have worked with several multi site and individual care homes and I regularly uncover savings in excess off 20-50% off their janitorial supplies, stationery, toners and utilities. These funds can be reinvested back into the client care to support the needs of our demanding population. Operators need to be more vigilant and focus on controlling cost without compromising on quality.


What are some steps you home have taken to manage through the current climate of economic uncertainty?

Organisations should adopt savings experts like who aim to work with care operators to determine the best value solutions on reducing procurement and sourcing costs and reducing time spent on ordering. Pennies make the pounds and a lot of operators get blinded by trying to struggle to win cost effective deals off the local authorities and then fail to evaluate where back office costs can be reduced without impacting the cost and service for the clients.


care-home-Udhi SilvaUdhi Silva, Entrepreneur, Director and Co Founder of Medical Supermarket. HealthCare’s largest one stop shop for consumables, services and equipment.

Top 5 care home news around the country this week

In this week’s ‘Top 5 care home news’, there is good, bad, new houses, closures, FIRE, beer and much Active Senior-Top 5 care home news around the country this week

  • A £2.4 million housing development on the site of a former Northampton care home has been completed. The former Nicholls House in Briar Hill was closed by Northampton County Council in 2006.
  • Plans to close four care homes and day centres run by Leeds City Council have been approved by the authority amid protests by campaigners to save them. Residents at Amberton Court, Burley Willows, Fairview and Musgrave Court would be moved to other accommodation.
  • Waterloo House, a care home for people with learning disabilities in Cornwall, will close on March 14 due to financial issues. Disabled residents who have lived in Roseland care facility for up to 30 years will have to find new homes when the service closes.
  • Humphry Repton House, which is run by the Charity Milestone Trust, has become one of the first dementia care homes in the country to have a fully-working nostalgic pub. This care home in Bristol offered residents a place to sit and have a chat over a pint of beer.
  • A fire broke out in a south Norfolk care home in early morning on 10th September. Four fire crews were called to Westward Farm to tackle a fire in the boiler room. Luckily, there were no serious injuries, but someone was assessed at the scene by an ambulance crew.

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