Top 10 Films with Heroes Who are Over 60 Years Old


It happens to all of us. It’s as certain as taxes and the tacky antics of reality television ‘stars.’  We will all die one day. Now flashback as far as you can…five years, a decade, two or more and see how much has changed. Do you like the same music? Do you support the same political party? Are you with someone you love, or have you lost your ability to simply feel said emotion. Time takes its toll, and in the end, what we don’t learn from its passage predicts our inability to deal with what’s ahead. Here is the list of top 10 films about Old People:


10        Gran Torino

9          The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

8          Harry and Tonto

7          Tokyo Story

6          Tatie Danielle

5          Strangers in Good Company

4          The Straight Story

3          Up

2          Away from Her

1          The Up Series

Care industry entrepreneur Udhi Silva emphasises ‘cost control’


What do you enjoy the most about working in care home industry?

Albeit I support the care industry with cost savings what I love about this industry is the dedication and passion those people that work in care settings have for their clients. I am honestly overwhelmed by some of the nurses, managers and carers I have met and the extent that they treat their clients as though they are their own family. It is very rare to come across people who have such admiration for the work they do and a lot of other industries can benefit from learning about this. One thing that is evident within the corporate side of the industry is that attention to standards is second to none.


What are some of the areas that the care home industry can improve?

Cost control. Over the last couple of years we have seen some fantastic organisations go under due to bad management and a neglect on resources and poor financial management. I have worked with several multi site and individual care homes and I regularly uncover savings in excess off 20-50% off their janitorial supplies, stationery, toners and utilities. These funds can be reinvested back into the client care to support the needs of our demanding population. Operators need to be more vigilant and focus on controlling cost without compromising on quality.


What are some steps you home have taken to manage through the current climate of economic uncertainty?

Organisations should adopt savings experts like who aim to work with care operators to determine the best value solutions on reducing procurement and sourcing costs and reducing time spent on ordering. Pennies make the pounds and a lot of operators get blinded by trying to struggle to win cost effective deals off the local authorities and then fail to evaluate where back office costs can be reduced without impacting the cost and service for the clients.


care-home-Udhi SilvaUdhi Silva, Entrepreneur, Director and Co Founder of Medical Supermarket. HealthCare’s largest one stop shop for consumables, services and equipment.

The world’s first dementia-friendly city is LONDON


care-home-The world’s first dementia-friendly city is LONDON

London has became the first dementia-friendly city in the world with initiatives such as training bus drivers to spot the signs of dementia and making historic royal palaces more accessible to what is estimated to be around 70,000 people living with dementia in the capital.

There was a launch of Pan-London Dementia Action Alliance at City Hall and is made up of a collection of organisations, businesses and people committed to improving the lives of people with dementia in London including the Metropolitan Police, the London Fire Brigade, the London Ambulance Service, London Councils, the Royal Academy of Arts, Transport of London, Historic Royal Palaces and Alzheimer’s society.

The founding of Pan-London Dementia Action Alliance aims to address the isolation that many people living with dementia can feel and we are delighted to see so many of London’s greatest attractions and services committing to helping Londoners live well with dementia.

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David Cameron wants to improve protection of older and disabled people from abuse

care-home-David Cameron wants to improve protection of older and disabled people from abuse

British Prime Minister David Cameron promised to look into relevant laws and regulations to seek more protection of older and disabled people from abuse and neglect.

Mr. Cameron is considering many proposals and the proposed change to legislation would ensure a believed case of abuse or neglect is detected and acted upon. Many charities, care homes and NGOs have welcomed that Government’s commitment to bring in changes to ensure that care home and care agency bosses are properly held to account if they preside over a culture of abuse and neglect.

The commitment was given to a delegation including Action on Elder Abuse, a charity working to protect older and vulnerable people from further incidents of abuse and neglect. The chief executive Gary was pleased that the Prime Minister has recognised the importance of the changes we are proposing, and will look again at how legislation can be improved. Thousands of older people are abused each year and theirs is a silent scream of pain and suffering.