Top 10 Films with Heroes Who are Over 60 Years Old


It happens to all of us. It’s as certain as taxes and the tacky antics of reality television ‘stars.’  We will all die one day. Now flashback as far as you can…five years, a decade, two or more and see how much has changed. Do you like the same music? Do you support the same political party? Are you with someone you love, or have you lost your ability to simply feel said emotion. Time takes its toll, and in the end, what we don’t learn from its passage predicts our inability to deal with what’s ahead. Here is the list of top 10 films about Old People:


10        Gran Torino

9          The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

8          Harry and Tonto

7          Tokyo Story

6          Tatie Danielle

5          Strangers in Good Company

4          The Straight Story

3          Up

2          Away from Her

1          The Up Series

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